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Fae is Clear Quartz Crystal Skull made with Moonstone 18" Sterling Silver handwired necklace.



is an Earth Elemental Sprite and her role is as a keeper of the Earth, the trees, flowers, the forests, and everything that grows there. She gathers for her tribe and prepares the food and medicine.

Fae wants to help humanity learn to gather again too. To grow your food and use it as your medicine. Fae will help you remember how to talk to the plants and care for them and how to choose the right plants to allow your body to heal itself.

Fae teaches the new gatherers coming up and she says humanity is ready for the teachings now as well.

Fae will help to awaken that inner knowing from lifetimes ago of how to listen to your body and the signals it is giving you for what it needs to heal itself and thrive.

Fae is a healer and is drawn too and calling to the healers. If you have felt drawn to growing things or having your own garden, Fae is the perfect companion and teacher.

Fae works with your heart chakra, opening it up to its full potential. Your heart frequency sends out messages to other organisms as to what it needs and what mirrors that vibration will be attracted back to you. Like a boomerang signal.

Fae will sit in meditation with you and help clear your heart frequency of any lower vibrating emotions and memories. Clearing the pathways to attract that which you seek.

Wear Fae into the garden as you work, or into the forest and mother nature as you explore. Open your heart and listen to the plants around you. What messages are you picking up? Do you hear their songs? Sit under a tree and ask it to help restore your frequency to homeostasis. Walk barefoot on the Earth and give over to her any heavy energies you have carried. Feel the release of all tensions and lower vibrations in your body flow into the Earth to be transmuted.

Cleanse Fae with any of the elements. Running water over her only (not over the Sterling Silver if possible), set her upon the Earth, let the sunshine shine on her, and sage her. Pay especially close attention to your intuition and emotions while working with Fae. She will send you messages through your body and the more you are open to listening, the more you will learn. When you want to thank her and show gratitude, flowers are a perfect gift.


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