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Fairy Dust

Is an Earth Elemental.

She has a deep connection with nature and other nature spirits.

She appears as a slender female with a glowing violet aura.
Fairy Dust works with your crown and third eye chakras. She uses her energy to help you to open both of these chakras. Meditate with her in nature to help you to expand your consciousness to connect with the fairy realm. This practice will bring you healing energy for your third eye and will help you strengthen your intuition. One of Fairy Dusts role is to clear blocks from your crown chakra so that you can connect to the Divine with ease. Meditate with Fairy Dust and envision her violet energy washing over your Crown chakra cleansing your crown chakra. You might feel peaceful during the session, and you might feel a cold sensation on the top of your head. Surrender and let go of your expectations and be open to receive the healing energy.
Cleanse her with sage when you feel guided to. Place her on the soil of a house plant so she can connect with nature’s energy few times a month. Keep her close to you.  Fairy Dust is a pre-activated 2" Titanium coated Glass Crystal Skull. 

Fairy Dust

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