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Mystic 👑 $200

(Lazuli Skull ring Sz 9 in Sterling Silver)

Is a Royal Princess and High Priestess from ancient Babylon. She awakens your intuition, teaching you the art of discernment and to listen to the voice of your soul. Mystic protects you from the 'evil eye' and negative energy.

The Great White 🦅 $375

(Peruvian Turquoise carved Eagle made with Turquoise & Prehnite beads in 22” length.

Is a Native American mountain Eagle Spirit who dwells in the snowy Rocky Mountains. He assists with soul retrieval, releases outdated karmic contracts and brings your divine love. He helps with the Twinflame reunion and balances your Yin and Yang energy.

Large Quartz 18 Skull Bracelet $115

24” Quartz Point Skull Necklace $275

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