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Chief 🛡

He is a Viking King. He awakens your inner leader. He attracts career opportunities. He also repairs and heals family relationships.

Empress 👑

She is a Fae Queen that supports you in building up your the courage to speak your truth. She helps you fulfill your purpose, brings in helpful people and is a path opener.

Warm Heart 💗

He is a Pleiadian Elf that raises your vibration by attracting joy. He heals your heart and transmutes old pains and hurts. He connects you with your spirit guides and ancestors.

Purple Spark 💜

She is an elemental Fire Being. She brings a powerful violet flame. She removes negative entities from your space. She brings karma clearing. She integrates your shadow with love and awakens your kundalini.

Three Black Obsidians & one Shungite Skull.

Four Amigos 🖤

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