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The Lyrian healer and extraterrestrial Conscious Being.

He spent his life as a healer from Lyra, and now he is continuing his service as a crystal being on this dimensional plane.
Galeith is a beautiful healing spirit. His essence will aid your healing journey. He is a master energy healer, and he is a beautiful skull to have close by when you are facilitating an energy healing session.  
Galeith is always happy to assist you with energy clearing. To connect with him, lay down in a comfortable position. You can place him on your heart chakra or your third eye chakra. Envision his divine healing energy enveloping your body, and take a deep breath with your chest. Breathe in his energy and surrender to the healing power. Finish the session when you feel guided to and always say your gratitude .
Galeith loves to be under the sunlight to recharge. Cleanse him with sage when you feel the need to cleanse him.

Galeith is a pre-activated Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull that weighs just under half a pound and measures 2 1/2 inches in length. 


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