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Galinda is a Crystalline Star being. The last life on Earth she was a wise grandmother elder in a tribe. She used the Earth to heal people, through herbs, through stories, reprogramming the water they drank, and using energy.. magic! Galinda loved her lifetime and she was able to raise the vibration, heal others and complete her mission as planned. She was sad to go. She chose to wait to incarnate again until the transition, of Earth’s new vibration/frequency.

She can help much easier from the outside, not bogged down with the energies of Earth working against her. I call her SHE because she shows herself as both the Grandmother Elder and the Crystalline Star being that carries a lot of masculine energy now, but still holds onto the feminine energy as well. She’s both. You may see her in whatever form is most appealing to you and helpful in your ascension.

She is originally from Sirius, the blue one. She now is on a ship hovering over Earth watching and monitoring everything with the others. There are many different species and crafts hovering over Earth right now. They are all here to help. They are staying in close proximity as to reach their soldiers on the ground easier for when it is time for them to wake up and take action. They have been calling to and supporting their star families here on Earth. Some are slowly awakened from their sleep and others come in with most of their memories and frequency intact. It depends what their individual mission is. They are here to remind their team of their mission when they get side tracked with too much Earthly material indulgence. She laughs at that, as she was guilty of it too. It’s easy to just forget and indulge in Earths energies for a while. That is why she chose to help from where she is now.

If you are drawn to Galinda then you are probably from her star family, or a starseed as humanity is calling it. You may even be from Sirius. If you don’t remember you can meditate with her and do past life regressions. She wants you to know these can go as far back as you need. Lessons from other lifetimes will be presented to you to answer questions you have had about this life. Any habits or phobias can be addressed and healed also through the regressions. If you know why you have them, based on an entirely different life, then it is simple to free yourself of them now as they will seem silly, and of no use, to you upon remembering the cause.

Galinda says her name means beautiful Galaxy! She laughs…that’s what I say it means, she says with a wink. She wants you to know that you can at any time change the meanings, names and labels in your life also. You may even be called to legally change your name or simply go by another name as you work with Galinda. She reminds you that you get to be anyone you want to be. You are in no way held to the projections of others, even your earthly parents and changing YOUR name has nothing to do with anyone else. It is simply you stepping into your true self fully. If you are called to change your name or start telling people a new name, know that it carries a certain vibration with it and, therefore, helps you hold this new vibration/frequency you have or are creating. Especially if there is trauma associated with the name, named after an abuser or simply having their last name or just the way it makes you feel to be called that. By releasing the name/label you are more easily able to step out of that life and into your new one. You owe no one anything. Your name is yours and you can be called by anything you want to.

Galinda is like the unconditional loving Grandmother energy mixed equally with the best friend you ever had that will tell you exactly how it is and not let you be less than your truest, best self. Talk with her about anything you need answers to. She loves to communicate through the Tarot cards or other divination tools. She just loves playing with the fun Earthly things. If you are a diviner, astrologer, tarot reader, or scryer, she would love to work with you, through you. She’s getting so excited just thinking about it. If you have never done any of these things you may feel called to pick up one of them. If you do not, she will meet you in meditation, dream time and just through knowings you have each day. She will send you guidance all day long. Her entire being just wants to help heal you and in doing so heal all of humanity in preparation for the ascension.

Galinda loves Earth, so take her with you anywhere and she will be happy. She will even lead you to new places you haven’t discovered yet.

Cleanse Galinda by laying her on the Earth, and under running water. Also she loves the sage and tobacco smoke, as they were sacred to her in her last life.


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