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Is the Grandmother of inspired thought. She sparks your imagination and creativity. She is a great companion for writers, artists, creators of every kind, and anyone wanting to bring a newness into their life. She inspires forward movement toward that thing you have dreamed about doing. She may have you wanting to travel and explore the world around you. She will inspire you to fill up your passport or to finally get one.

Gardenia is all about new adventures and meeting new people. Going out of your comfort zone to that place where dreams come true and true loves are found, when you least expect it.

Gardenia wants you to enjoy everything this beautiful life has to offer. From new foods, to trying exciting things for the first time, like skydiving or swimming with dolphins.

She will have you really being present in everything you do and reassure you that balance is key. As well as excitement, she will have you enjoying your slow times, reading a great book, getting a massage, taking a nap, or laying in a hammock watching the clouds pass by. She reminds you that each day and each experience is of equal importance.

Gardenia gives you a taste for knowledge. You may want to buy books and read about exciting far away places, romances and adventure. You may find yourself watching old movies that you love that give you that nostalgic feeling. Daydreaming about what could be, not realizing you are actually creating it.

Gardenia reminds you that the Elders hold the secrets of life and it may do you some good to sit and learn from them while you can. Get those old recipes out that remind you of Grandma and cook up something with or for your loved ones. For life is too sweet to be wasted, share it with those that you love.

Gardenia will also bring out your inner child’s dreams once more. Your deepest loves and desires reside inside there. She wants you to do the things that you loved as a kid or always wanted to do. Those things you couldn’t wait till you were big enough, but have forgotten about in the rush of life’s experiences over the years. Play with animals, buy a coloring book, or go out and stomp in the rain puddles. Let your inner child be silly and free again.

Gardenia will have you healing your inner child and traumas without even realizing what you are doing. You will just feel lighter and happier. Follow her guidance as you would a wise Elder and live the life you dreamed of as a kid. All possibilities are possible, remember.


Cleanse Gardenia with sage and running water. Recharge her with flower incenses like Rose, Gardenia, or Jasmine.

Gardenia is a pre-activated elongated 2 1/4" smoky quartz Crystal Skull weighing 3.1 ounces. 


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