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Geraldo Honeymoon 

Somebody Loves You!

Yes, it’s Geraldo Honeymoon!

Geraldo wants to come into your life and tell everyone your all his!

He’d like to have you all to himself, but he’ll have to share.

Geraldo Honeymoon will Love, and adore you, He says the Honeymoon never ends!

Geraldo is all about honoring your value and your unique beauty, having self confidence and nurturing your inner soul.

He’s going to hold you up and find out what you need for self care.

Geraldo Honeymoon has a way with words and a romantic vibe too, he means to Bring more excitement to your life.

Meditate with your little sweetheart and bring in pictures of flowers, candlelight dinners romantic walks, whatever your beautiful heart desires. Theses things will begin to vibrate and come into reality.

Remember to speak to yourself kindly as you are your own true love.

Geraldo Honeymoon is facilitator of the Heart Chakra ️ of course!


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