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Crystal Lover (Giveaway Prize)
Crystal Lover, as her name suggests, is an expert in utilizing crystals. She helped the Lemurian peoples with healing, providing free energy, and teaching them to open to their super Natural abilities through crystals.
CL's energy will assist you in being deeply connected to the mineral kingdom and crystal realm.
She will take you on a journey beyond the veil to meet her people and learn their wisdom.
CL’s energy manifests through visions and nudges.
She will nudge you towards certain crystals that will help you to awaken your magic and gift.
CL will always emanate high-frequency energy that can be felt throughout the body, especially the heart chakra. This energy actively heals, opens, and expands your heart chakra so that you can anchor the wisdom from the space of love.
Meditate with CL and be open to receiving her energy to help enhance your life beautifully.
Cleanse Crystal Lover with sage regularly. 

CL is a pre-activated titanium coated Skull set in a 108 Japa mala made with Moonstone and Quartz beads. 

Crystal Lover

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