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Angel of the Rainbow’s

Angel’s will often send messages in the sky, this can include rainbows, and sparkles of light that come bursting though the clouds. 

If you think about angel’s and a rainbow suddenly catches your attention, it’s likely to be Glorious! 

She is here confirming her presence to guide and protect you.

Glorious can be even more spectacular when there is no rain and you see her in true form as a beautiful prism in the clouds. 

How ever she sends you messages now as you have her with you to wear and commune with everywhere you go.

Glorious has a compassionate kind heart, she will listen to your concern’s and challenges and be close to you when you need a friend. 

Glorious will honor your prayer requests by delivering them to be answered.

She will always be there for you to take comfort in. 

Glorious loves to be around children and pets. She adores being in nature near water or beautiful rose gardens. 

Glorious wants to pray, meditate and sing beautiful music together.

Glorious will lift your spirits and fill your heart with joy. 

To work with Glorious wear her with the intention of expanding your heart out with love and compassion.

You may sit in meditation with her asking for special needs of spiritual requests.

Glorious will speed delivery of all your prayer requests and bring down heavens blessings.

Glorious is facilitator of the Crown  and Heart Chakra 

Glorious is made in Sterling with a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull in size 7.


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