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Godoth the guardian of the sea from New Zealand. Māori people of New Zealand believe that Taniwha is a sea serpent who is often depicted as a dragon-like creature. Godoth appears as a large and long serpent dragon with dark teal iridescent color. His energy is majestic and protective.
He is here to serve to help you regarding past life issues. He will assist you to remember your inner wisdom, power, and gifts from your previous past lifetimes.
Godoth also allows you to heal karma from your previous lifetimes to feel deep inner peace and transcends to a higher frequency.
To connect with Godoth, sit down and meditate with him. Hold him in your left palm and feel his energy radiate from him. He will show you visions of your past lifetimes, and he will guide you to heal these issues. Say your gratitude after meditating with Godoth. Cleanse him with sage and running water.

Godoth is a 4" Turquoise pre-activated Dragon Crystal Skull.


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