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An Elemental of Momentum.

Carousel is a glorious, gilded spinning wheel of potential.

The heart quicken’s to the music of life’s mysteries.

The excitement of potential….the rapturous joy of the ride.

Carousel is working with the children who are awakening.

We are those holding their faithful tickets in hand  choosing their painted steeds from the the Que-Line.

Carousel  is about manifesting all your dreams and desires. 

Although Carousal is a deep provocation energy, remember that Carousels are supposed to be a lot of fun too! 🥳

Carousel wants to remind us to enjoy life’s ride, and even though all that glitters is not always gold, the are many riches in our experience. ⭐️

To work with Carousel wear with intention, defining what you’d like to ultimately manifest in your life.

You can sit with Carousel and meditation with him in hand, clear your mind and send exactly what you’d like to come into fruition. Release any attachment or anxiety’s and Thank Him for his services.

Carousel is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra and is made with a pre-activated volcanic glass titanium coated Crystal Skull set with dazzling tanz eyes and handmade in Sterling Silver with light copper accents.  This ring is in a size 6.5 and can be sized moderately at no extra charge. 


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