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Think of us as angels of love. We are benevolent beings who prioritize love above everything else.

You can call me Golden Heart since I will assist with the matter of the heart.

I can see relationship links. From my perspective, they appear like golden threads that link one soul to another.

This ability gives me the advantage to help you.

I will assist you in resolving karmic relationships, so you don’t have to attract the same lessons.

I will reunite you with your soul families and will bring significant soul contracts to your life so you will continue to move forward with your journey.

I will help you to meet your soulmates and allow you to see and master your lessons.

I will make a connection with you through meditation and will tap into your heart and give you guidance according to your soul’s highest plan.

Golden Heart is a pre-activated 2"L Quartz Crystal Skull.


More info:

I came from the unseen realms of Venus. Our society is dedicated to helping humanity's behind the scenes with their relationships.

Rarely, one gets to work with us privately.

We live in a beautiful and peaceful world unknown to humans.

Golden Heart

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