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“Golden Wings ~ Swift like the Wind”


He is an Angel wearing golden armor who works directly under Archangel Michael. 


Valas appears with very large wings in blinding Golden Light. 


He clears the way for abundance in all of its forms, commands an army of angels and

brings protection. 


Call on him for assistance or when you need to transmute dense energies.


He clears karma and releases unnecessary energetic cords.


Valas brings you closer to your Soul’s Divine Light and helps you communicate with your spirit teams.


Valas is a rare Golden Lemurian Citrine Quartz specimen weighing 9.69 pounds and measuring 8” front to back, 5.5” side to side and 4.5” tall.


This Citrine is completely natural in its color.

It has not been enhanced in anyway.

Valas 😇

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