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This is the second and last payment for this Skull belonging to Sue Homa. Thank you


Is an Arcturian Sun God. He is fire! He is the igniter of your inner spark of divinity. He will come in and set your world ablaze. His symbol is the Phoenix that sets itself on fire so that it may destroy what was and become everything new again. A rebirth from the ashes.

Goliath makes your passions burn until you can no longer contain them, for they were never meant to be contained in the first place.

He ignites your kundalini and feeds it energy as it continues to rise to completion. He will set fire to your chakras one by one starting at the base and moving up like a lit fuse. At the base he will take you out of your comfort zone and make you restless where you are at, leaving you craving more. You may realize that you have become too stagnate, stuck in comfort and it is time to rip up your roots and move to more fertile grounds.

At your sacral chakra your creativity will burn with ideas. You will remember your passions and yearn to do them again and build a new life and new you around them.

At your solar plexus Goliath fuels the fire that gives you your confidence and power back. You know in all of your being that you deserve everything that you have dreamed about, the life you want and the person you want to be. You burn with courage to go after your desires.

Goliath next sets your heart on fire! You start with a renewed love for self that inevitably spreads outward. As love and fear cannot exist in the same space at the same time, your fears have fallen away as love is your frequency now. You slow down a bit and care for yourself as you realize you can have it all in balance, work and play. You have a fire in your heart and others are noticing, returning the love back to you. You are at peace and your heart content.

Goliath next moves to the throat chakra, where all you have learned is shared with others. You can speak your truth now and others listen because you have the fire to back it up. You will not be silenced and you are not afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your mind. You heal others by sharing your stories and experiences, without fear and with great confidence.

Next, Goliath brings down the rest of the veils as he burns away anything left clouding your third eye chakra. By now you will have a daily spiritual practice and your life looks completely different than before Goliath came in. People say you have changed, and you certainly have. You see clearly now through any illusions and the low vibrating people seem too have just faded away out of your life. Your path is clear and your guidance from source is loud. You know who you are and stand fully in your power now.

Goliath’s kundalini fire has reached your crown now. Everything is different. You know your mission, who you are and who you were before. All of your power from your past lives is yours again. You are complete, as one with source, as intended. Your light shines so brightly that problems seemingly solve themselves. You are surrounded by people who genuinely love you and support you. You look back and realize those things you wished for have manifested. You speak to source, your guides, Angels and Ancestors as clearly as a friend standing beside you. You are manifesting everything you put love towards. It’s so easy now it feels like magic. You are the Phoenix who has risen and you see, hear, feel, and know everything clearly from your new view at the top. You have ascended!

Create a daily spiritual/meditation practice with Goliath. Light a candle or two when you work with him. He wants to get straight to business.

Let him guide you in your ascension.

Cleanse and recharge Goliath by setting him in the sunlight for a while. Sage smoke will release anything he has picked up and will cleanse him.

Goliath weighs just 14 pounds and 10 ounces and is a Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull. 


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