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Grandma Silver

Offers you the gift of surrendering.
She is a loving teacher who will assist you in mastering the art of "going with the flow".
Grandma Silver works and communicates directly with your soul.
She provides you unconditional love, to help you to feel safe and secure in your body.
Grandma Silver assists with the healing of your heart chakra and helps you with forgiveness.
She believes that forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Keep her close to you and meditate with her anytime.
Her energy manifests through thoughts and clairaudience.
Cleanse Grandma Silver with sage and running water. Grandma Silver is a pre-activated White Jade Crystal Skull.


Background for how this Conscious Being came into being and now offering her service through this Crystalline skull:


Grandma Silver spent her lifetime dedicated herself to nurturing her family.
She originated from Hawaii and was known as the worry-free grandma who loved her family more than anything else.
She shows herself as an older woman with silver hair and an olive complexion.
She has a cane on her left side, and her aura is bright white.

Grandma Silver

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