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Japanese Poet 

Haiku shows her form as a beautiful Purple Kite.

She’s Philosopher, poet and a Buddhist practitioner. 🕉

She is celebrating all the seasons and the lifting nature of the wind.

She’s about soaring to new heights in your spirit.

Haiku is not just a metaphor, but a poetic conscious energy

She is keenly aware of the seasons and calls us to be the observer of change.

Haiku speaks to the sky as she understands it’s infinite ever expanding wisdom and unconditional love.


In The Land of Dreams

I was a Kite with no string and you were the sky. 🪁

Haiku can be worn anytime for her great beauty but also prayed with and in meditation.

Her lovely vibes will inspire creativity and blissfulness.

Haiku is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


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