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Harlequin 👨‍🏫


Harlequin is a Mathematical Linguist, Numerologist and Spiritual Teacher who is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

He teaches that numbers are letters in a sacred language based on one to ten. In just these ten numbers they make up all of the numbers in the Universe.

Each number has a specific energy vibration, or tune, that offers insight into our life’s Divine purpose.

Harlequin insightfully explains this as mystical building blocks, defining Divine logic in an understandable way. 

In Harlequin’s Dimension the understanding of these relationships embodies our own collective universe, and separately, each number embodies our individual universe. 

He can help you have more control of your life’s situations and  outcomes by making better choices on your path as you learn how to listen to these messages in his numerical teachings.


He is a fully Enlivened Jasper Crystal Skull measuring 5.5"L 3.75"W 4.25"H and weighing 3 pounds 10 ounces. 

Harlequin 👨‍🏫

$596.00 Regular Price
$298.00Sale Price
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