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Is a magical Tree Being that associates with the fall season.

He appears as a large golden Yew tree with a bright golden bark.
Harvest uses nature’s energy to assist with healing the deepest part of your heart. He also replenishes your energy and rejuvenates your chakras. Harvest will help you transmute heavy, dense emotions as well.

There are two ways to connect with Harvest:

Allow your intuition to inform you which way is best.

First, you can meditate while holding Harvest near your heart center.

With your mind’s eye, picture a beautiful and bright golden yew tree. Approach this tree and hug this tree. Feel loved and cradled by Harvest’s energy. Let his golden light enter through your crown chakra all the way down to your root chakra and let go of any energies that are not serving you anymore.


Another way to connect with Harvest is, spend some time in nature, sit down by a tree you feel drawn to, and hold Harvest close to your heart. Envision Harvest golden energy assisting you with the help of the tree in nature to transmute any heavy, dense emotions you may feel.

Give Harvest your gratitude after every sitting.

Place Harvest outside by the tree to let him cleanse and transmute the heavy energies he absorbed. When you feel called to, cleanse him with sage and running water as well.

Harvest is a pre-activated Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skull.


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