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Harvest Moon

She’s a mysterious Magic Worker and very complex energy.

Harvest Moon is levelheaded, book-smart, and always very logical.

She is extremely compassionate and is quick to help others, especially those who are defenseless. 

Harvest Moon is unfailingly dutiful and loyal to her friends.

She lives by her own internal validation and creative inspiration rather, than seeking approval from other’s.

Harvest Moon has amazing magical abilities, she will help you sharpen your manifesting skills and add to your overall happiness! 

She is definitely in touch with a higher level of intuitive, and imaginative power that gives her so much confidence and control. (You will feel it wearing her)

Harvest Moon is about reaping abundance that comes with sowing and nurturing the possible.

She encourages positive affirmations to grow in your field of highly charged potential! 

To work with Harvest Moon sit with her in a quiet meditation  determine what you’d like to see grow and come to fruition.

Relax your mind and breathe, releasing all fear and tension.

Start with chanting OM, feeling those healing vibrations expanding out of your heart.

Harvest Moon will ground you to the earth helping you to expand your mind and find your best path. 

Again…release any anxieties and negative emotions and accept her gifts, blessings and healing energy.

Remember to Thank Harvest Moon for all that is coming into your life.

Harvest Moon is facilitator of the root and sacral chakra.

Harvest Moon is a pre-activated Titanium coated Obsidian Glass Crystal Skull.  She is made with recon amber beads with silver hardward. 

Harvest Moon

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