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Is an Elephant from the lush jungles of Asia, he lives among his family in peaceful solitude. 

Hathi embodies great strength and infinite wisdom, he has a noble and altruistic character.

Hathi comes down through many generations of spiritual elephant leaders passing on their nobility and bloodline.

Hathi's relatives have kept spiritual knowledge and memories for thousands of years, these ancients have been honored with reverence due to their great faith and abundant blessings that have been bestowed among the people.

Elephants are truly gentle kind souls despite their behemoth size.

Hathi is a bringer of light and luck 

He helps to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Hathi’s generosity of spirit will bring many opportunities for new friendships, he also helps bridge together past relationships with others, his delight is happiness, compassion and unity. 

Hathi encourages knowledge and facilitates a love of learning.

To work with Hathi sit in meditation daily and clear your mind of all mental chatter and negative emotions.

If you’re holding anger or tension release and forgive, especially forgive yourself.

Radiate pure love out of your heart  and receive peace and self confidence.

Hathi is facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a Fully-Activated 4" Red Jasper Skull that weighs 1 1/2 pounds.


$295.00 Regular Price
$236.00Sale Price
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