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Heart Doctor 

Is a female Pleiadian Being.

Like her name suggests, she is an expert on the heart chakra. She knows that an open heart chakra is the solid foundation for deep spiritual work. Her primary specialty is her light. She helps open your heart chakra by blasting you with high-frequency divine light, shining the light on your shadows and bringing emotions and feelings to the surface so you can heal them. She helps you also feel your love frequency and create a heart space where you can connect with your highest self and your guides, bringing profound healing energy. Be prepared to tidy emotional clutter and let go of old pain and energy no longer serving you, attracting new energy, blessings, and opportunities. 

Spend time meditating with her and let her energy transform your spiritual life. Give her your love and gratitude. Cleanse her with sage and water.

Heart Doctor is a Green Jasper Crystal Skull weighing 3.2 ounces and measuring 1 3/4"L.


More information:

She is a 9th-dimensional extraterrestrial being who comes from the constellation of Pleiades. She shows herself as a tall female with long white hair, fair skin, bright blue eyes and a brilliant white aura. She ascended and raised her frequency through her heart, and she is going to help you with your ascension journey.

Heart Doctor

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