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Heartbeat of Summer

holds the purifying, joyful, healing light of the Sun. He especially heals your lungs and heart, the heart chakra energy area.

During the Summer he absorbs all of the sun’s life giving light and energy and holds it inside. In the long, dark winter months he gently gives that light to you. Brightening the darkness and helping with any seasonal depression or anxiety.


Heartbeat of Summer is just that. He holds the heartbeat of Summer within. Sit with him in meditation, in the dark months, and he will show you and remind you that the light is never far away and it always returns to fullness after the slumber of winter.


The Solstices are sacred and important to him. Burn a candle for him and sit with him as you dream dreams of Summer joy and absorb his light into your heart energy center. He recharges from the fires burning energy, when the Sun is resting. He is fire energy and carries all of those traits. Heartbeat of Summer gives you back that fire energy of passions ignited, burning desire, and motivation to go get what you want. These are especially important in the restful months of winter when you can find little energy to do the things that need to get done.


Heartbeat of Summer is made of Earth so he is also grounding. He brings the powerful Sun energy down to Earth and harnesses it, for you. Like a little night light full of Source, life giving energy, just for you.


Heartbeat of Summer brings feelings of joy and uplifts your spirits. He gives you dreams of long summer days as a kid, when anything was possible and your heart felt free. Like a summer breeze that comes in and blows all your worries away with it. That feeling of the warm sunlight on your face, enlivening your spirit.


Heartbeat of Summer encourages healing and growth through the heart chakra. He holds the healing energy of the Sun. Tell him what needs healing within you and in meditation focus your intention there. Imagine his bright golden light growing from your heart, bigger and bigger until it envelopes your entire body. Sit in his healing light and smile. Feel your joy rising and your emotions stabilizing. Sit with him in this light as long as you wish.


Cleanse and recharge him in the Sun’s light, outside or on a window sill. During the winter, if the sun isn’t out, set him near a fire or candle flame. Watch how he interacts with the flame for you.

You can run water over him for cleansing then dry him. He likes the feel of the running water and nothing can put out his fire.

Sage him for cleansing also.

Heartbeat of Summer

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