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Is a Demigod and an Ascended Master.

The ancient Roman knew him as Hercules, and he was famous for his strength and journeys. Hercules mastered the art of strength and successfully brought his mind, body, and spirit into harmonious alignment.

Hercules has an intense bright white aura and appears as a tall and strong man wearing a white Ancient Greek outfit. 

Hercules will assist you in elevating your spiritual and earthly aspects of yourself. He understands the importance of loving and accepting oneself to ascend higher. He helps with shadow work and aligning your ego with your soul. He teaches you how to gain mental strength, and his energy will give you the courage to conquer life challenges and achieve your dreams.

He will assist you in healing yourself and will guide you on how to prioritize yourself, and help calm your nervous system so that you can be open to receiving life’s blessings.

Hercules will show you how amazing your soul is, how worthy and divine you are and how to improve your vessel and make yourself healthier.

Connect with Hercules through solitude and meditation. His guidance comes through visions and thoughts.

Offer him your gratitude and cleanse him with frankincense resin incense.

Hercules is a pre-activated 3  3/4"L Black Obsidian elongated Crystal Skull weighing 1 pound and 5 ounces.


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