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Is a Guardian Spirit. (Heya in Native American language means spirit.)

She is 15 feet tall with long dark hair and a blue aura. Her eyes emanate blue fire.
Heya protects the expectant mother and the baby.
Heya’s specialty is to protect your soul.
As an ancient spirit, Heya possesses wisdom and magic that she uses to benefit others. She delightfully shares her guidance through meditation.
Carry Heya and pray with her, and remember to ask her for protection.
Heya can cast a protection shield over your chakras and aura, to make sure your chakras remain free from distortions and lower vibrational energy.
She also works with your soul and your ancestors to show you the path of your soul’s purpose.
Heya assists you in embracing your purpose and helps you to be the authentic you.
Her energy manifest in various ways: through visions, thoughts, intuition, and dreams.
Cleanse Heya with loving intention and sage.
Know that Heya likes to be in nature.

She is a unique one of a kind pre-activated Turquoise Crystal Skull mined in New Mexico.


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