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Honey Fire

Holds the ancient secrets of the ancestors and the lands of the Great Mother Earth Herself,  from before humans walked upon her. Honey Fire is equally balanced masculine and feminine energy, so they are referred to as her/him/they depending on the energy speaking at the time. They will remind you that if you follow that fire that burns inside you and that sweet honey that brings you joy, you will stay right on path to where your soul is trying to take you.

Honey Fire takes you back to a time when everything lived in peace as one. Before labels and judgment found their way here. She reminds you of the sweet things in life, like honey and the stillness of laying with the sun shining on your face. That feeling when you have no where to be and no obligations to anyone, but your own peace. When peace takes over your heart and you lie in stillness, at one with your breath. When your happiness is all that matters. When you are free to follow your joy and curiosity, to see where it leads you, and it always leads you to a magical place.

Honey Fire wants you to give up worry for trust, fear for love, and anxiety for contentment. She will take you back to the land and the Great Mother Earth where everything is healed. You should take her out into the forests with you, on hikes, to the beach, to the lake, wherever you find peace; take her there and sit with her, recharging you both.

Honey Fire will bring you back to living each moment in it’s rich fullness, not worrying about events in the future, that most likely will never happen or never play out as we tell ourselves they will out of fear. Honey Fire teaches you to live in each moment so as not to miss the little gifts of magic and joy sprinkled there for you from Source. When you slow down, your third eye becomes clearer and you catch glimpses of what could be. A simple switch brings a whole new world into focus that was there the entire time, but hidden by worry. Honey Fire helps you to stop making up negative scenarios in your head and replace that time with looking around you at what is actually there. It may take a sting in the heart to get you there, but change is coming and you feel it. Honey Fire will help you connect with the Ancestors and learn from them. Whether you are into natural medicines, healing the land, or helping humanity, all of the answers are found there, in their teachings. You can connect to an Ancestor that has learned the lessons you came here to learn and who will walk with you on your path. You will feel drawn to turn back to the lands and the old ways of doing things. You may find interest in growing your own food and medicines, purifying the waters, and getting out of the city and into the vast green lands away from all the noise and concrete.  Walk barefoot on the land again and absorb knowledge there as you release any unwanted energies you have picked up. Drink from the stream and eat something right off the vine and absorb the Sun’s pure energy and Mother Earth’s healing energy. Rediscover or discover for the first time, the synchronistic flow of nature and how it takes care of itself, providing everything for everyone all at once.

Meditate with Honey Fire and ask them to take you back to a time where peace reigned on Earth or into the future of New Earth where peace will reign again. Ask any questions you have and advice as to which way to go. Honey Fire will give you nudges and ideas seemingly out of nowhere as to what to do or where to go, in each moment, if you are listening. Do not dismiss these little inklings you get each day.

Honey Fire will return you back to your true self and that peace that you seek but, you must give up the labels and judgments first. You must forge your own path and leave the tiresome paths created for you by others. Honey Fire shows you that it is time to live life as you see fit, not through the eyes and accolades of others. Honey fire asks, are you proud of yourself? Do not look to others for this. Others opinions of you are none of your business. If the answer is no, then it is time to change things. Follow your joy, your sweet honey, your burning fire, and it will lead you right to where you want to be. You are the leader of your life, time to take back the wheel.

Cleanse Honey Fire in the elements. The running waters or rains, the fire of the sunshine, the air of the sage smoke or set them on the Earth Herself. Honey Fire is cleansed and recharged through all the elements. During storms set them in the window sill to gain natures powers. Give lots of love and gratitude to Honey Fire and burn a candle or fire for them sometimes to let them regain their fire energy, gaze into the flames yourself and see what visions you are given.

Honey Fire is a large very rare natural Amber Skull with a natural petrified scorpian within the crown area of the Skull. 

Honey Fire

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