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Is a giant light blue dragon with a bright blue aura who comes from deep inside the ocean in a magical realm. He is a mighty dragon that possesses powerful magic.

As an ancient spirit, Hydra protects you and your home from negative energy and entities.

Hydra is the bringer of luck and blessings, he works with your third eye chakra and heart chakra, and he strengthens your intuition and awakens your psychic abilities.

Hydra removes old karmas that are no longer serving you anymore and lovingly shares his knowledge, especially while you meditate.

Spend time to meditate with Hydra near a body of water and journal your session afterward.

Offer Hydra your love and gratitude and cleanse him with running water and the smoke of incense.

Hydra is a Fully-Activated Lapis Lazuli 4” Dragon Crystal Skull.


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