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Is an Atlantean High Priestess who was the head of the temple that was located near the shore in ancient Atlantis.

She was deeply connected with the water element and could control the water.

She worked with the Atlantean mermaids and dolphins

and together they protected and helped Atlantis.

Hydria shows herself as a female wearing a headdress adorned with seashells and jewels. She has almond-shaped eyes, and her aura is pale blue.

She prefers to connect with you through your heart chakra.

Her energy spreads from your heart chakra to your crown and then down to your root chakra. Hydria assists with healing your shadows and your triggers. She’ll also assist you in integrating and accepting all aspects of yourself.

She focuses on elevating your spirit into a higher dimension and does this by helping you activate your Merkaba and harmonize your feminine and masculine energy.

Hydria also assist you in awakening your kundalini energy and help you to awaken your spiritual gifts. She helps you with this through your Akashic records and shows you your past life through visions.


Hydria is a Fully-Activated Titanium coated Glass Crystal Skull with Tanzanite Eyes mounted on a handmade Sterling Silver ring with copper embellishments. 

Moderate sizing included.


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