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ICING is a female laughing Crystal Skull. She is into the letter "D" because of what it symbolizes. Delicious, Dancing, Dandelion. She is a poetic energy making sounds with D.  Very energetic, sharing joy and laughter.  Recharging batteries in joy and humor.  Icing lifts depression.  She asks that you hold her in your hand towards you and concentrate on hugging or hold her towards your heart. She is a heart opening energy that tunes the Heart Chakra.  She is especially conscious of your wellness reminding you to take care of yourself. Wants to be prayed with and meditated or prayed with daily. She is a very kind energy and her number is three. Icing is a pre-activated rose quartz crystal skull measuring 2"L  1"W  1"H and weighs 2 3/8 ounces.


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