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Captures and holds the Sun’s energy, the same power that can create or destroy entire worlds, the fire.

She is the original Goddess creation energy in balance with the power of the Sun God energy.

She will have you burning with passion and energy to follow your inspiration through to the end of its full completion. Infierna sparks new ideas and inspiration to create new careers and new lives. She fuels the fire of your passion, moving you gracefully through anything that may try to stand in your way. She will burn blocks right down, creating a clear path for you. She is a great companion for entrepreneurs and those just starting a new career. With her you will possess the confidence you need to be heard and understood. Imagine walking into a meeting in a bright red suit, turning all heads, grabbing and holding everyone’s attention through till the end, getting your point across easily and clearly and having everyone in agreement that your idea is the best one. That is Infierna’s energy. Wear her to important meetings and business dates.

 Infierna is a healer as well. She blasts the body or problem area with golden Source energy, filling it up and returning the cells to their original state of creation. She is perfect for healers to wear during sessions or when they need a recharge of their own energy source. She burns right through any attachments from clients during healings or from other people in general. Sit with her and imagine her setting you ablaze. Your entire body sitting in the middle of a burning flame of Source energy, burning through any attachments and restoring any openings in your energy field. Tell her exactly what you need or want as you sit in meditation with her.

 She ignites your fire once more and keeps it burning and replenishes your energy and heals you. Set intention for what you are manifesting and watch her clear your path. Give her gratitude and thanks often.

 Infierna helps you integrate the new energies coming through the Sun to Earth. In this energy are light codes and DNA upgrades. She will help your cells read, understand and integrate them more easily. If you are attracted to her then you are probably headed in a new direction or are reaching a new level of your ascension. It’s time for that upgrade to the next level and she is here to help you. You may even be heavy in fire signs and attracted to her similar energy. You will refill each other.

 Sit with Infierna outside in the Sun for a few minutes each day. Set your intentions with her and imagine in your mind exactly how you want things to go, literally watching them play out in your mind like a movie.

Setting her in the Sun recharges her and recharges, upgrades and heals you. Set her on the Earth to ground in these higher energies for the Earth’s grid.

Imagine golden Source light coming in through your crown chakra and blasting through each of your cells, clearing them, enlivening them and powering them up. Once charged up, you are on fire and full of confidence and energy for going after your goals fearlessly. You burn through problems like a wild fire and you can feel the fire in your heart burning strong, lighting your way. Listen to your intuition guiding you.

Cleanse Infierna with Sun energy and sage smoke. Light a candle for her as you meditate together, or wear her near a burning fire so that you both may absorb that fire energy.

Infierna is a 108 Japa Skull Mala mounted with a titanium coated pre-activated Glass Crystal Skull and made with Turquoise and Recon Amber beads.


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