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Is an ancient soul who has been evolving through many lifetimes.

A healer first follwed by becoming an Ascended master, then a Guardian Angel, and now he is currently an 8th-dimensional Being. He shows himself as a 7 feet tall with a shimmering golden aura.Infinity is a teacher who lovingly shares his wisdom with anyone who wishes to learn with an open heart. He shows you your soul’s knowledge and his energy will give you the courage to expand your consciousness. Through your third eye chakra he shows you the magic within you to serve the highest path for you. Infinity’s guidance will encourage you to use your intuition to benefit you and the people around you. Allow Infinity to show you everything you need to see.


Infinity is an Activated Smoky Quartz Skull made with 56 round brilliant full cut diamonds weighing 3/4 ct total weight in a size 7.5


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