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Blossom Heart is a high-frequency Angel of Love. She shows herself as a tall female. She has a pink aura and a bright halo behind her head.
Blossom Heart is a powerful heavenly Angel who is always emanating the frequency of love.
Her energy promotes a sense of peace and uplifts your energy.
Blossom Heart loves people who spreads love to those around them.
She assists by bringing down heavenly blessings and an abundance of love.
Blossom Heart works with your heart chakra.
She assists you with self-forgiveness and forgiving others.
She will help you to cut any energetic cords to connections that do not come from the space of love.
Blossom Hearts will guide you to the path of healing and self-love.
Her energy will assist in attracting your soul family and soulmates.
To connect with Blossom Heart, you can pray with her, speak to her, and meditate with her.
Her energy manifests through feelings and emotions. She also gives you essential nudges.
Let go of your expectations and let Blossom
Heart assist you. Be open to receiving her energy.
Blossom Heart enjoys praying with you.
Cleanse Blossom Heart with water and sage. 

Blossom Heart

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