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Is a Goddess that is known by many names. In ancient Sumeria, Ishtar goes by the name Innana. In Ancient Rome, she was known as Venus or Minerva. And in the West Semitic, she was the Goddess Astarte. 

Ishtar is the goddess of love, sensuality, and war. 

She shows herself as a tall, beautiful female with long reddish-blond hair that goes all the way down to her feet. She wears a long pink gown, and she radiates bright golden and pink light. She is accompanied with her dove and her lion.

Ishtar assists in attracting your soul family and also your soulmates. She opens the door of opportunity and guides your soul towards your highest timeline. She helps you manifest the help you need from the physical realm to achieve your highest timeline. 

Ishtar brings blessings and guidance.

She assists in helping you to heal your pain and trauma regarding love. 

She opens and softens your heart chakra using the frequency of compassion. 

Ishtar also will assist you in awakening the spiritual gift that you mastered in your past lives. Whether you were a priest, high priestess, healer, or shaman, Ishtar will awaken these gifts to help you with your soul journey in the present moment. 

Your success brings her delight, and you do not need to offer her anything else but sincere gratitude and the intention to expand your soul. 

Connect with her through meditation or bath rituals.

Cleanse her with running water and frankincense resin incense.

Ishtar is a Rose Quartz Skull weighing 3 pounds and 13 ounces. 


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