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Jacob is a mythical being that appears as a large winged lion. He comes from the race of griffin and has a golden aura.
Jacob has feminine side to him as well, and this aspect of him goes by the name of Eliza.
He/they work with your crown, heart and third eye chakra by helping you with the journey of enlightenment.
They will keep your crown chakra well protected and cleansed so you can receive divine inspiration. They facilitate opening your third eye chakra so you can see and use the subtle divine energy to help you with your enlightenment.

Both Jacob/Eliza will help with opening your heart chakra so you can connect with the highest divine energy with your heart portal.
Jacobs feminine energy Eliza will guide you to surrender to your soul’s plan and teach you patience. Both of their masculine and feminine energy will bring balance to your life.
To connect with Jacob/Eliza, hold this Crystal Skull close with both of your palms and communicate with him/her.  They will be speaking to you, sharing their guidance so you can walk on the path of enlightenment with ease.  Jacob/Eliza are a Fully Activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.

Jacob ~ Eliza

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