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Sacred Tree Spirit

Joshua is a safe place, he serves as a symbol of strength, and new beginnings.

Joshua has the ability show us how to grow in any circumstances, understanding situations and using all our available resources we’ve been gifted. 

Joshua is about being ready to begin something new and exciting with a positive outlook, it could be related to any aspect of your life. 

Joshua will encourage you to embrace life’s challenges and the opportunity to make a change. He inspires bravery and compassion for ourselves.

Joshua has the ability help us grow spiritually, he’s about remembering to stay flexible and yet focused. 

He will help keep our heart’s open to the possibilities and pure potential outcome.

Joshua has the ability to bring progress and prosperity into your life, encouraging confidence, health and happiness.

Joshua as a clear, calming effect when sitting with in meditation.

He will encourage you to write  a journal keeping up plans, goals and dreams. 

Joshua enjoys meditations with outside if possible also the sound of wind chimes.

Joshua helps facilitate all the chakras especially helpful to the Root Chakra.

Life Size Pre-Activated Jade Crystal Skull.


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