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Is a magical, creative energy, she’s enigmatic and mysterious, like the Moon herself.

She embodies the Goddess energy and she’s ready to birth wonderful creative ideas and exciting experiences.

Moon Muse has 3 distinctive characteristics, The waxing Moon, The Full Moon and The Waning Moon. The waxing phases are a good time to start making your dreams into reality, and just let your spirit guide you. Flow into the energy of Moon Muse, the waxing phase will put you in a good mood and a perfect time to welcome joy and happiness into your life. The Full Moon is the result of Moon Muse being exactly opposite the Sun, which has a harmonious balance, and all the glorious sun energy! During this time, your yin and yang energies are naturally balanced and also harmonious, you may feel your emotions higher as well as your creativeness.  Moon Muse asks you to focus on gratitude and the beauty of nature around you, all the positive things, so you can benefit from these enhanced feelings of happiness. To work with Moon Muse release any tension you may feel, and engage in something creative, like art, music, writing to help the process along and really enjoy this time.  Meditation beneath the Moon can also have a great positive effect and empower you further. During Moon Muse’s Waning Phase energy is going to slow down a bit, so it’s a good idea to take time for self care and practice your meditation. If you’re looking for the perfect time for self-reflection this is a great phase to practice empowering affirmations, mantras and chanting for clarity. Moon Muse is a representative of our female emotions and the love and compassion that springs up from experiencing all that life has to offer.  Moon Muse is facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

She is a Fully-Activated Mexican Opal Crystal Skull weighing over 2 lbs and measuring 4 1/2" L.

Moon Muse

$888.00 Regular Price
$777.00Sale Price
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