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One pre-activated Shungite Crystal Skull including its reading. (waiting on reading)


One pre-activated Opalite Crystal Skull including its reading shipped.


One recon Amber Crystal Skull #8 including its reading and FULL  ACTIVATION. (waiting on reading)


Please allow up to five weeks for its delivery. Thank you!


Milky Way

The Home Galaxy’s Interface. 

Milky way’s vivacious energy is made up of co-creation. She illuminates the beauty of multiple pieces coming together for the bigger picture. 

Milky Way keeps things in harmonious fashion of disarray. She has worked for eons to get things in working order for the current moment. 

Milky Way is light on her feet, and is always ten steps ahead of the game. She can see the direction things are shifting into before it even begins to shift. 

Milky Way prepares you to be light and free for the shifts. She reminds you of the beautiful culmination that is creating harmonious plays in your life. It’s all in working order. If there is anyone you can trust, it’s Milky Way. 

Milky Way is a facilitator of the Sacral Chakra. Her lucky number is 10.



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