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Abundance Goddess 

Allium shows her form is an incredibly complex, lovely purple flower.

She can produce many, many blooms from one bulb and many flowers on just one stem.

Allium’s blessing’s multiple! 

Allium is a fragile Goddess even though she’s in a flower form.

Allium’s blooms can can thrive ANYWHERE!

In all parts of the world, even where the climate could be nearly impossible to survive in. 🧊

Allium has been know to even take physical form growing on the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest!

Allium is about beauty, multiples blessing’ and unparalleled tolerance.

Wow what a Gal! 

Wear Allium everywhere, she will protect you and drawing multiple friends and acquaintances to you.

Allium will above all give you patience, tolerance and compassion for others.

She will open your heart, and expand your connection to your inner Goddess with so much love. ️

To work with Allium call her in by her name asking for her service and needs.

Wear her and expect your prayers to be heard.

She will multiple your blessings! 

Allium is a Amethyst pre-activated Crystal Skull with bezel set Amethyst Eyes set in .925 Sterling Silver in a size 8.


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