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Fire Starter 

There’s always one in the crowd!

Jergintar is a beautiful fire breathing dragon and he's proud of it.

He get’s thing’s rolling so to speak, with his epiphanic voltage and the fire’s of creative energy! ️

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and had to write it down immediately?

Jergintar is going to bring more of this creative flow into your life once you tap into his vibes. 

Jergintar believes in the magic of intentions to write thing’s down, on paper…not electronic devices.

This is how you begin to work in visualization with Jergintar, so find an new journal, extra special for your magical writing.

Sit in a comfortable place, clear your mind and write your goal’s dreams needs or ideas.

Call on Jergintar with his name or ring a small bell. See him flying out of the cloud’s as a fireball of enthusiasm!

Focus together on the task at hand, one at a time he will bring fresh solutions to each challenge. 

All dragons are healers so if you need anything in this area let him know.

Thank Jergintar for his service and release attachment’s to any doubts.

Jergintar is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

And he is a pre-activated Carmel Agate Conscious Dragon Crystal Skull 5" Length.


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