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Jin Jin is a Goddess Conscious Being serving out of this Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull that weighs 1 3/4 pounds in the pyrites natural crystalline formation.

Jin Jin ‍

Is a Lucky Golden Cat who is a Golden deity who takes cat form, he’s called the Lucky  Cat! JinJin is a descendent from Japanese Royalty, and he was reverend as a special god like energy. JinJin brings health, wealth and especially good fortune where ever he goes! JinJin once took shape as the beloved Cat of Buddhist Monk. When he transitioned the monks made a likeness in Gold and set him in a temple garden, to remember the wonderful life and good fortune JinJin bought with him.

JinJin’s likeness is found all over the world and his awakened consciousness lays in your hands. How Lucky is that!

To work with JinJin place him center stage and don’t be shy, he’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door! He likes other skulls and crystals around him too. His front and center placement is part of a house blessing, and for protection. JinJin likes to be near water (he really likes fish bowls) and shiny things like coin’s. Ask JinJin to first protect your home and bring health and happiness into your space.

Then offer him a trinket or gift and ask for your wish or luck.

Thank him for his service. JinJin is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

Jin Jin

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