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Joy is a rainbow spirit. She is a multidimensional high-frequency Being who appears as an ethereal female with two large wings.
Her wings are adorned with jewels and sparkles. She is bathed in bright white light, and her energy is angelic.
She comes from her dimension to continue her ascension journey to serve and assist in this physical realm.
Joy is known as the bringer of happiness.
Her energy attracts blessings and love.
She assists you in finding your soul family who can help you with your growth.
Joy will guide you through the journey of inner peace through the path of love and gratitude.
She holds space for you and teaches you the power of forgiveness.
Joy believes when you are happy and content, you will attract more abundance.
Her energy will assist in the expansion of your solar plexus chakra and uplift your energy. Her specialty is working with all the solar plexes issues. 
Joy gets more joyful when she sees people bring happiness to others.
She enjoys being close by and likes to go where you go.  Spend time to meditate and open your heart to receive her energy.
Give Joy your thanks and cleanse Joy with sage and water.

Joy is a pree-activated elongated Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skull.


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