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Jumbai 🧪 is an alchemist.

She is a healer of the divine masculine wounds.

Jumbai witnesses the wounds of our over-worked systems of life and invites you to ebb and flow with the divine feminine energies. 

She provides an elixir of energies to help soothe the heartache of the mass urge to control. Jumbai soothes you, and helps clear up blurred lines. 

Jumbai helps to alchemize and transform you to become a beautiful concoction with a potent force of nature. A sight to see and behold. 

She desires to be apart of your altar and she will help to alchemize the space to be free of radicals. To create a safe space for you to meditate freely. 

Jumbai is a pre-activated Green Flourite Crystal Skull and is a facilitator of the Sacral Chakra. 



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