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Cosmic King Of The Skies.

Jupiter is the Father Sky and God of Lightning, he is usually thought to have originated as a sky god. His identifying implements are thunderbolts. Jupiter carries a companion Golden Eagle, his name is Aetos Dios and he is a Messenger. Ateo Dios watches all things that go on, he is a protective energy that will report back to Jupiter on your well being. Jupiter also rules the heavens, rains, thunder, and lightning and when he smiles, the clouds part and the sky brightens. He is concerned with thinking and has an abstract mind, (helps you think outside the box) and supports higher learning. Jupiter gives a desire for exploration in both intellectual sense and a desire for adventures. Jupiter looks at the world with a sense of optimism, he is connected to luck and good fortune.


Jupiter wants you to do well and he will shower you with many blessings. To begin working with Jupiter give him a beautiful altar, add flowers and shiny things (Gods especially love coins) sit with him in meditation and clear your mind. After you have connected and centered yourself, begin to have a dialogue with him and let him council you with your goals and dreams. Jupiter works with balancing all your chakras especially in your heart chakras.

Jupiter is a FULLY ACTIVATED Gem Quality Rose Quartz High Definition Crystal Skull weighing

13.7 pounds.



$3,888.00 Regular Price
$2,200.00Sale Price
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