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I will help you to sort out your karmas. There are many ways to collect your good karma and to let go of old karmas, and I will show you ways to do that.

I will bring justice to your life that manifests into your everyday life.

Truth and justice will shift the way you see yourself. Human beings are responsible for treating others kindly, but often they are not kind to themselves. I will teach you how to take care and be kind to yourself also.

My presence will inspire you to feed your body healthy food and connect with yourself through movements because I will communicate with you through nudges and visions.

I will also assist you to anchor yourself in the present moment, will show you how to take care of your energy and place firm boundaries so you can protect your energy.

I love spending time under the sun because the sunlight raises our frequency.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your soul’s journey.

Almira is a pre-activated Crystal Skull mounted onto a 16" multi-colored moonstone handwired Sterling Silver necklace.


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