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The Little One

Kaida is a precious little baby girl dragon

She’s nearly 500 in people years, but in Dragon year’s she’s little Baby.

Kaida is full of love  She’s a sweet and innocent soul and this pure innocence gives her incredible incite and clear vision.

Kaida can teach you how to see beyond judgment, fully expressing yourself with total compassion.

Embracing your inner child and seeing your world with more wonderment and refreshing your spirit!

Kaida’s inspiration therapy is a little different from some other spiritual energies, but probably the most enjoyable.

Kaida wants you to play!

Yes, your inner child’s wild abandonment in full force!

Kaida doesn’t care what your idea of play could be making Art’s and Crafts, Baking Cookies, Swinging into the sky or that Zipline trip you’ve been thinking about.  It’s up to you ultimately but you must play.

Getting in touch with our inner child can access compassion for ourselves, which results in expanding compassion and love towards others. 

To work with Kaida sit in daily meditation, call her in by name asking if she’d like to join you, then visualize something fun.

Simply use your imagination here.

Build a Sandcastle on the beach (really feel into it) climb up a tree into a fantastic tree house, anything you can imagine! 

This is not a substitute for physical play but it is definitely going to inspire you!

All Dragons have healing and protection benefit, so if you have any needs, or special requests let her know.

Thank Kaida for her Service. 

Kaida is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Dragon Crystal Skull 4"L 


$258.00 Regular Price
$202.00Sale Price
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