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Is a female spirit from the Naga race. Her and her people live in the 6th dimension. They used to live in a physical realm long ago before they ascended to the 6th dimension. Karma comes from one of the dragon race, however, her appearance is little different than usual dragon. She shows herself as a long serpent spirit with light and glowing blue scales and her torso and up resembles a female with dragon eyes. Karma carries the frequency of forgiveness, which is her main specialty. She utilizes this energy to assist you with your heart chakra. Karma opens and heal your heart chakra. She helps you to create a heart space where you can communicate with your higherself. Karma assists you to cleanse toxic karmic cycles and release them with love and gratitude and helps to raise your frequency by giving you guidance to help you build good karmas. She shows you the path to ascend higher through the power of compassion and love. 

Connect with her with love from your heart and meditate with her. Be open to receive healing energy and guidance. 

Cleanse her with sage and water.

Karma is a pre-activated 4"L Lapis Lazuli Dragon Skull weighing 9.1 ounces. 


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