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Kiyon 💧


Kiyon is a mist spirit who ignites your spirituality and allows it to grow and flourish.

Kiyon’s energy activates your Sacral Chakra, to ignites the fire of passion of life within you. She aids in creating a life you enjoy through these many passions.

She is connected to Gaia’s Shakti energy of creation. She gives life to your desires visions. Kiyon works with the divine wisdoms within your soul, to help guide you and direct you to the highest and best path needed. She is also an activator of your Lightbody.

Kiyon is apart of divine orchestration, what you experience is always divine. She sparks new spiritual routines for you to venture with, to go deeper with yourself. Kiyon enjoys meditating with you, this is how she will guide you.


Kiyon is a fully Enlivened handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver with copper embelishments, moonstone eyes and is a size 7 that can be sized slightly up or down for no extra charge.

Kiyon 💧

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