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Is a heavenly Angel who works under Archangel Michael. He has intense energy, and he is bathed with brilliant white light. His energy will give you strength and courage with your shadow work and healing. Don’t hesitate to call on him whenever you need his assistance.  He is a tall male with dark brown hair and has large white wings. He wears a breastplate and carries a metallic shield and sword. He brings the energy of protection and healing that protects you, your family, and your home. He bravely casts his shield of protection and lovingly clears distorted and draining energy around you and in your home.

Place him near when you are sleeping, and he will protect you in the astral realm.

He works with your crown and third eye chakra, and it is normal to feel a warm and slight pressure on these chakras when connecting with him. He brings down heavenly messages to assist you with your life journey and soul growth. 

Knight connects with you through prayers. Cleanse Knight with sage and offer Knight your love and gratitude. 

Knight is a pre-activated Pyrite Crystal skull measuring 3"L 2 1/2"W 3"H and weighing 1 and 1/2 pounds total. 


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