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I am an elemental earth being. I am a mountain deity who watches over the oldest volcano in Hawaii.

I have been protecting Kohala mountain for over one million years.

You may call me Kohala, or you can call me Majestic Heart, for I have known to have the most generous heart of all deities in the pacific islands.

When I stood, I stood taller than Kohala mountain, and my embrace would cover the entire Kohala mountain.

I will help you navigate through trying times and difficult moments. 

I also will assist you by offering you emotional support.

I bring Heart Activation. I will activate, expand, and rejuvenate your heart with hope.

I will be your guiding light, and I will show you how to heal your shadows. I will help you to free yourself from doubts and fear.

I will assist you in holding a space of appreciation for yourself where you can love and celebrate your soul and journey.

I will shower you with blessings, love, and luck.

The more you ground yourself in the present moment, the more you will notice my presence that will appear in the form of blessings. The more you open your heart to receive my blessings with gratitude, the more they will multiply.

My love will warm your soul, and all you need to do is be open to receive.

18" Necklace with a  Fully-Activated Labradorite Crystal Skull and hand-carved Labradorite Crystal Skulls with natural Turquoise and Labradorite beads inbetween handwired in Sterling Silver.


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