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KONA Male/Hawaiian Diety.  Skull of a Tribe and Belonging.  Kona is all about keeping his tribe safe.  This can be a family, group of friends but basically protecting you and your personal tribe.  Kona is very outgoing and social.  He has a connection with your ancestors and family members who have crossed over, even your beloved pets.  He says never forget your elders!  Use him to communicate and honor loved ones past in prayer.  Kona enjoys rituals of honoring yourself, dreams and goals.  He asks you to set a sacred space or altar for all things intentional.  Enjoy wearing Kona for protection and confidence.  Kona especially likes attending fucntions and parties.  Kona wants you to know that you are part of his tribe and is very loved! Thats the best thing in life.  he helps facilitate the Heart Chakra.  Kona is made with 108 Wood and Bone Beads with a pre-activated Howlite Skull with large Garnet eyes.


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